The Yum Yum Tree


How many servings does a pound of chicken salad feed?
Three servings per LB is the average.

How many days advance do I need to make an order?
Usually the day of is fine, but for big orders a day ahead will do.

How many servings in a whole quiche?
We cut 5 slices, but they are not pre-cut, so you could cut 6-8.

How many days advance do I need to call for a quiche?
At least one day, two is better for us.

Do you deliver?
We can deliver big orders (over $50) with a day advance notice and before 11:00.

Do you have anything for vegetarians?
The grown up grill cheese is amazing.

Do you take reservations?
No, we do not, but we will a hold a table for as long as we can. Typically if you arrive before 11:30, there will be no problems.

Do you have gluten free?
Yup. Just stay away from the sandwiches.